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Chocolate Coded’s team of Master Chocolatiers all have a passion in developing the worlds finest business applications. We specialise in developing technology which can be used in the palm of your hand, on a kiosk, the web or at your office. Chocolate Coded use only the finest ingredients to create a solution that works for you and your palate and are passionate about delivering critical content to people through intuitive web applications.

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Our methodology takes the reverse approach to solving business issues while managing expectations from the outset. We don’t create solutions from the top down, we work on building them from the bottom-up, ensuring the product is enthusiastically embraced by front-line employees, as well as deliver great value to the top of the chain.


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What goes into our



Nutrition   Facts

Serving size - As much as you want
Serving Per Project - Delivered as needed

Deliverables per serving
100% of your daily nutritional needs

% Project Input

Strategy & Research20%

Wireframing & Prototyping10%


User Experience (UX)20%


* Deliverables per serving vary depending on individual client and needs


We really love to put generous helpings into our mixture. It's all part of our tasty coded ingredients.

We include:

  • RIA

    We are passionate about delivering critical content to people through Rich Internet Applications. We future proof our applications by building in the latest standards and trends in technology.RIA

  • UX

    We strongly believe that User Experience (UX) is a key phase throughout the design process, ensuring your business tool can maximise productivity.UX

  • Mobile

    We enable people to make better decisions based on access to real-time content and information accessible via their Mobile, anywhere.Mobile

  • Kiosk

    Information is made readily available to you conveniently. Kiosk's allow you to automatically collect a broad variety of existing company information and make it available to your workforce through a user-centric interface.Kiosk


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